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8 - 9 May 2018
Wien, Austria
Future of Building 2018 | Congress - Exhibition - B2B Meetings

Innovation Workshops

Think outside the box and explore new opportunities and business cases.

Join an innovation workshop and gain new perspectives on the latest developments in the building and construction sector. 

Three different innovation workshops will tackle future trends and provide insight into innovative projects / technologies / procedures. In an open and creative atmosphere, facilitated by an innovation manager, up to 60 participants will focus on finding new approaches for their own company and business cases.

WORKSHOP “Green building, urban greening, vertical farming and nature based components”  

  • Green urban infrastructure – greening on buildings, roof greening, vertical farming, etc. and its potentials to climate protection projects
  • Innovative green building projects
  • Green construction, hybrid and full natural construction components
  • Urban greening and its potential to climate protection

WORKSHOP “Smart City & smart home”

  • Smart city Vienna and urban renewal strategies
  • Voice activated gadgets and artificial intelligence in building and planning processes
  • Assisted Living Solutions
  • Autonomous driving will change our cities
  • Future cities strategies
  • Socially responsible, innovative and sustainable architecture and urbanism

WORKSHOP “Energy efficient building and future challenges”

  • Ecology and economy are not opposed characters
  • Climate active building projects and aims for Austria
  • Passive house concepts and more
  • Large scale passive house projects
  • Building concepts beyond energy efficiency
  • Energy-flexible buildings - system solutions for retrofit using prefab components  

WORKSHOP “Digital Building & process optimization”

  • IT and process digitalisation
  • Implementation of BIM in business operations
  • Digital Building & Planning
  • Working with BIM in international virtual teams
  • Cultural requirements for efficient processes in the lifecycle of buildings
  • Green innovative building & open real data

WORKSHOP “Wood Construction”

  • International projects and innovative building technologies
  • Innovative wooden based buildings
  • Solid timber ceilings CLT and GLT
  • Wood is a high-tech component with world record in thermal insulation, sixfold fire protection, highest earthquake resistance
  • Prefab, wooden based Buildings

WORKSHOP “New materials and technologies”

  • Material research from concrete to wood
  • Thermic activation of concrete-based components
  • Material research in solid construction
  • Resistance of building materials and fire protection
  • Brick construction
  • 3D Print Solutions
  • Unlimited free production of conrete forms